Does a cake smash photoshoot come to your mind when you think of the first birthday of your baby? Is your little one's birthday nearing and you are confused about the photoshoot ideas? Well, with this blog you can make your baby’s shoot a little more special. Below are the top 6 1st Birthday Photo Shoot ideas. Let’s begin:

1. Balloons
Balloons relate to everyone’s childhood. If your is a baby boy, you can go with the blue-white theme and pink-golden theme for a baby girl. You can create multiple frames with balloons, such as placing them as a chair, tying a bunch of balloons on the baby’s crib or simply making the baby hold them, etc.

2. Bubbles
Adding bubbles to a baby photoshoot can be amazing! For this, you can make your baby sit/stand in front of dark wall/background and blow the bubbles. Rest, click the picture, adjust some edits and it's done. This is the simplest yet most-liked photoshoot idea for your first birthday!

3. Number 1 Outfit
You can now try the Number 1 t-shirt or dress for the shoot. Plenty of customised outfits are available online. Simply get one ready with your desired quote and get your baby clicked! Moreover, you can include you and your partner in a few shots too! For more creativity, you can decorate the backdrop and add some toys while clicking.

4. Just Hatched Photo
In the just-hatched photoshoot, you can dress up your baby as a chick. It's really fun seeing your child hatching out of a fake egg with colourful flowers surrounding him. Hatching or Bomb Blast photoshoot is also best for maternity shoot ideas. If you are planning such a shoot, simply search for a baby and book the best photographer available!

5. The Angel Shoot
Dress up your baby girl as an angel with a white gown, a pretty hat and wings! You can level up the angelic vibe by adding a cloud and starry backdrop. Things like butterflies, clouds of cotton, candies, and flowers can be used for your baby’s first photoshoot. Further, with a professional photographer, you can get the baby “flying in the air” effect. As it is a simple yet unique shoot, you can include parents and grandparents too!

6. The Messy Baby
Well, it's your baby’s birthday shoot. So, why not let him enjoy it? Simply provide your baby with all his/her favourite toys and a cake. A 1 Year Photoshoot along with soft toys in the background is a great idea! With this, you can easily click the best shots of your baby smiling when he is in the mood of playing!

To Conclude
Hope you now have clear ideas of how to get your baby’s first photoshoot. Take inspiration from the above-mentioned ideas. You can even mix two ideas and get the best photoshoot done. Moreover, it is suggested to book expert photographers always. So, make your baby’s first birthday super special by searching and booking for “baby or Maternity Photoshoot Noida

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