1st birthday photo shoot are a great way to document your little one. This milestone deserves a celebration and is not something you must stress over. Here are some lovely ideas to get you started and tips on how to get ready for a first birthday photo that won't make you crazy.

Pick the Best Photographer

This may seem simple, but it is the most important thing to do if you want your child's 1st birthday photo shoot to be fun and give you beautiful pictures.
Not every photographer knows how to work with toddlers. Choose a photographer who has a good name for being good with kids. You could ask people for suggestions or do some research to find this out. Internet reviews and looking at a photographer's past work are great places to decide. If there are a lot of pictures of kids, it's probably because they're good with kids.
Emphasize Naps and Eating on Session Day

Planning is the first step to a great cake smash photoshoot in Noida. You should be ready for your little one’s picture session so that it goes well. Ensure you and your child have eaten and slept well. Naps are important at this age because a tired toddler can't "keep it together" for photos if they are sleepy. Plan the session around naps and make them a priority that day.
Pick an Attractive But Comfortable Dress

Comfort is important for a child to be carefree and happy. Think about comfort when deciding on their dress for the cake smash photoshoot. You don't want them to wear anything that bothers you, is too tight, or draws attention to itself in any way.
The best way to avoid this is to try on the clothes before you buy them. If you wait until the day before the pictures, you'll scramble to find another outfit for your baby at the last minute.
Don't forget a diaper cover if you have a little girl in a dress! Little girls are very wiggly at this age, so a diaper cover is a perfect addition to their outfits to make them more useful for the shoot. Your photographer will thank you.
Last but not least, shoes are not necessary! At this age, going barefoot is very cute and sometimes more comfortable than new shoes. Don't stress out about finding the perfect shoe!
Remember to unwind and enjoy your family!

The best way to get ready for this session is to take some time to relax. Children may detect stress quite easily. Take control of the ambiance by relaxing and approaching your session being carefree. This will lift everyone's spirits and make the session more pleasurable.
No matter how crazy or unpredictable you think, your child is, a good photographer will make sure you get beautiful pictures. Most parents worry about how to get their kids to cooperate, but trust me; we'll get the pictures you want and more.
You record your child's every move by running after them with a camera to catch their cute and funny moves. So why should one of the most important dates? If your child competes for one year, we have unique and beautiful 1 year photoshoot in Noida ideas to photograph this moment.

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