When you are planning a cake smash shoot for your child? How are you gonna surprise your child on his/her first birthday?
If we are not wrong then you might have several things in mind. But we recommend you should not delay in planning for surprises. You don’t need to search on the internet to find perfect surprises for your child on their birthday. We have unpacked some great ideas that will make your child the happiest person.
To know all the ideas to surprise your child, make sure to keep reading this blog till the end-
Personalized Cake 
Your child loves to eat cake and if you present the cake in front of him/her, you will see your child eating all the time. To make this moment more special, choose their favourite colour of cake, characters, or interests. Parents should make sure to add their personal touch to the cake so that their child loves eating and always remembers the cake they have presented.
Hidden Toys Inside the Cake 
There is another interesting surprise that will make your child more happy. How? You can add toys to the cake. Just wait for the moment when your child starts laughing and smiling. This is what you want from your child, right? Hidden treasures never fail to win hearts, so this would be an amazing surprise for your child. We hope you know what toys your child loves to play with.
Themed Decorations 
On a 1st birthday photo shoot, you must select the theme that your child loves to see. Many couples search on the internet especially to see which theme is in trend these days or what theme you can use to make this celebration more awesome. Even many photographers will suggest themes because they have experience in suggesting the top-notch ones.
By knowing the interests of your child and by seeing trends, make sure to select the mind-blowing theme on that day. Another reason behind choosing a wonderful theme is you get exceptional pictures with your child. Post it on social media platforms or else share it with your family members who are not coming on that day. You will love to see their reactions.
Video Message 
Have you ever seen this idea? No? It means you are behind. Many couples work on video messages so that they can play on cake smash shoot. You can share a special message on that video by telling your child how much you love him/her. Moreover, you can congratulate your child on this special day and can give a blessing.

Want more ideas? Why not try these-

Unexpected Guest Appearance
Giant Bubbles or Confetti Cannons
Photo Booth Props
Favorite Song or Music Playlist 

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