Maternity photo shoots and newborn photography are so prevalent these days, and with good reasons. When you observe the 2 parallel red lines on a pregnancy test kit, you started dreaming of holding your baby. Being a pregnant lady brings a lot of bodily problems like back pain, frequent heartburn, sleepless nights, and untimely headaches. Despite the fact that pregnancy is challenging, there is also something undeniably magical about it. The feeling of having a new life inside the womb gives you smiles and a lot of reasons to stay happy & alive.

Your newborn brings extraordinary events in life that must be clicked and sealed. This is a lifetime memory to cherish and you will definitely want to share it with your kids when they become older. Maternity Photography gives you the best opportunity to capture all the precious moments. If you are considering to book new-born photography in Noida, the following tips will help you prepare for your photo shoot.

Dress up with the best maternity wear -
Please do not wear the dress that cover your baby bump since the purpose of the photo shoot is to show off the lovely baby bump. The bump when photographs in natural way looks amazing.

Posing and Angles - There are many ways for women to hold babies. What may look good on one mom may not work at all on another. Some poses and angles that you can try are hands on the belly, up high, keep it natural, get couples close, straight on, standing vs. sitting.

Take a cozy couple photo - The frame of your Maternity Photoshoot is incomplete without dad. Adorable photos of the mom and dad standing close together and touching the baby bump gives photographers the best clickable moment.

Tips for baby photoshoot

Dress the baby up - New-borns are little bundles of endless joy. On a 1-year photoshoot, you can experiment with styles, patterns, bright colours, & themes, and dress your baby in creative and cute ways. Dress your baby in florals, suits, plaid, and bold patterns.

Props for your baby - If you have some cute baby accessories like shoes, hats, toys, blankets, or rompers, use them as adorable props.

Lay down your baby - For Newborn Photography in Noida, lay the bay down and that would be the best pose. This way, the face will be facing the camera and his natural facial expression will be captured stunningly.

Make babies laugh - If you tickle your baby and make him laugh with a funny face, he's more likely to look amazing in photos. A laughing child is a far more beautiful sight than a sleeping or cranky baby.

Cake smash photoshoot - Cake smash photoshoot is a messy yet fun baby photoshoot session that you will happily save as a memory of your baby's first birthday.

The Final Words
These are some amazing tips that one can follow to make their maternity and baby photo shoot a real success with lots of memory. Be sure to discuss these tips with the photographer beforehand for the best results.

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